Blue Light

Natural blue light is part of the visible light spectrum and it’s considered to be beneficial, since it helps to regulate our body’s biological clock, to trigger our body’s growth mechanism and it plays an important role for people to feel euphoria. In other words blue light triggers our happiness feeling. As a part of visible light spectrum, natural blue light ought to not be totally blocked, as it would affect the quality of our vision by affecting color perception, it would disturb our growth mechanism and our body’s internal clock. Nevertheless, LCD and LED computers monitors, TV’s and smartphone devices emitting a different type of blue-violet light, which can have harmful impact on eyes and specifically on the retina. A person’s optical system is designed to act as a natural filter protecting the eyes from undesirable or harmful rays. Although this human optical system provides significant protection against blue light rays coming from the sun, but  it’s not biologically evolved to confront the blue light emanating from digital devices, or fluorescent-light tubes and LED lightning.

It’s desirable to block the harmful artificial blue light but at the same time it’s essential to allow beneficial natural blue light to reach our eyes.

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Sanol Technology

In contrast with all other competitive lenses that they block all both digital and natural blue light, S.A.N.O.L. (Stimulus Activated Nanotechnology Opthalmic Lens)employs a patented ophthalmic lens technology to actively and selectively filter the harmful blue light radiation emitted by digital device monitors and digital light sources (LED lights, etc.), while it allows most of the beneficial natural blue light to reach our eyes. SANOL  lenses relief our eyes from Digital Eye Strain (D.E.S.) syndrome, they improve the contrast perception offering a relaxed and crisp vision when we are using digital devices or watching our favorite TV show.

SANOL Blue Light Guard™ lenses are aspheric, hi refractive index (1.56, 1.61and 1.67) , hi scratch resistance organic ophthalmic lenses, currently available as single vison, or free-form varifocals(Variblue™).They are available as photochromic(PhotoreactBlue Light Guard™) and sunglass lenses(Sunblue™). SANOL Blue Light Guard™ lenses are recommended for all day use; they will protect your eyes when you are using your digital devices and they will assist you when driving at night by increasing your eyes effectiveness and performance, without altering color perception or disturbing the benefits of natural blue light . SANOL Technologies Corporation is producing Blue Light Guard™ lenses in South Korea and China.


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